• Chris Barson

Sounds Like Spring!

Picture of cuckoo

One benefit of having an energetic dog is you get dragged into the stunning French countryside everyday at dawn and dusk! So I can definitely say I heard my first cuckoo on Monday 4th April, 2022 (which is exactly the same date as last year!). I'm going to keep a note of it to see if it alters with each year and see if weather changes affect it. I'll keep you posted. It's not just the cuckoo making itself heard, a plethora of birds are making all sorts of noise and even the woodpecker is joining in with some frantic drilling.

So why not come and hear (and see) for yourself. Birders young and old are in for a treat in the Limousin. Lots of trees. No cars. Few people. No pollution. Equals bird heaven!

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